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((( EAT IT!!!!!!!!!! ))) ((( EAT IT!!!!!!!!!! )))

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again dude...

again dude....... nice job but i wont stop making claymations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahaha
jk dude i will stop!

((( Chill Skate 2 ))) ((( Chill Skate 2 )))

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nice dude.... again yeah well talk to ya later.
p.s. I love caveman boardslides!

((( Chillin Skate ))) ((( Chillin Skate )))

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bad ass... also........

ok heres the thing for all of u punks who say you all can top a nollie heel front nose and a front nose down a huge ass 10 stair huba then why dont we all just have a contest to see who has the sickest team of friends not like "oh son u got served" but just to prove that are suck bad ass'. ok im going to try to make a forum topic called "skate contest" and i bet that the winner will be GrassHoppa! now i know im not as good as your friends but i still got time. oh yeah and Grass what cam are u using? a sony DX2000 maby or a cannon whatever the fuck that model is?

love, Newrad^_^
p.s. if anyone wants to chat with me then e-mail me or chat on aim with me cuz i need friends!

Masta-GrassHoppa responds:

its nollie heel backside nose. and thats backside noseslide. down then 10. Okay, many camerea, VX-1000, VX-2000, some MINIDVS i dont konw!!! Its not like there's only one guy with cameras. but i dont care who's better, i just skate for fun.